TastyMcDole While having dinner at the Faultline Brewery with my family I promised a friend that I would make him a brew for his return to Northern California.  Upon asking what type of beer was he was into he brought up some commercial examples of beers he liked. Then I tried to nail down what flavors that he found to be enjoyable in those types of beer. After identifying key flavors such as toast, nutty, and caramel I knew that I would attempt to brew an American Amber or American Brown Ale.  I find this approach of using commercial examples to drill down into what flavors a beer drinker is looking for works better then attempting to replicate a person’s favorite commercial craft beer.  After all lets face it, I have no idea what I’m doing . Since I listen to The Brewing Network more than I’d like to admit I’ve always heard of Tasty McDole’s – Janet’s Brown Ale. Although, I havent myself tried Janet’s Brown I figured if its good enough to be brewed at Russian River then its good enough to go in my mouth.  Luckily MoreBeer had the extract kit of this beer in stock so I decided this is the beer Ill brew for my upcoming brew day. This recipe is fairly easy to find on the internets in both extract and all grain form if you cant find it at MoreBeer.

StarterJanetsBrownI generally get my yeast starter going two days prior to my brew day.  For this beer the OG will should come in around 1.070. After using the pitch rate calculator on MrMalty.com I figured that I would need 2L of starter using 2 viles of White Labs WP-001 California Ale yeast.  After going through the normal steps of getting a starter going the yeasties were happy and churning away within 24hrs.  Once brew day (Saturday)  rolled around I realized I had a tear in my grain bag so I needed to make a quick run to MoreBeer. Then I remembered they were having a sale with 15% off everything in the store.  To make a long story short I conned my wife into purchasing a Blichmann Top Tier Burner with leg extensions for my Christmas present. I called ahead and they had one more left.  In a rush I left the house forgetting my credit card . I get there then realize what an ass I am for not grabbing my card and turn back.  An hour and a half later I get to MoreBeer only to find out they accidentally sold the Blichmann they had on hold for me. To add insult to injury they did not have the size grain bag I needed. Mu%$&%%$!!! The reps there apologized and ordered me a new one to be delivered the next Friday at the sale price. Defeated, with a grain bag the size of a parachute in hand I headed home.  Needless to say after this ordeal I did not feel like brewing that day. In went the yeasties to the fridge to be awaken on another day. The day my glorious Blichmann Top Tier Burner arrives…


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